Ted Williams

Rating: aMTB2

WARNING: This is a DH area. Advanced riders only!


Park at Shoal Creek Elementary. No facilities. I have never taken the trailhead immediately up the road from the school, but have caught the Shoal Creek Climb from a connector up the road in the neighborhood.


Trails are fun but hairy DH trails. Advanced Riders only! I have ridden Otter and Berm Trail both by myself but needed some help on Berm Trail the first time.

You’ll start on Shoal Creek Climb and link to Ted Williams. At the junction, there was a drainage ditch I needed help through, but haven’t been out there for a while. Not sure whats its like now.

There is a small flat oval shaped area where riders kind of gather and hang to rest. Cool place to chat and let people check out your bike.

The DH trails cross over the climb up trail and its easy to get confused. Stick to what seems less steep and more zig-zaggy. If the trail has a berm or jump on it, its a DH trail and get over to the climb trail asap. Beware DH traffic!

There is a concrete platform at the top that has nice views and makes a good rest spot before dropping in and getting rowdy. Its usually a rule that everyone has to jump off it. I did it a few times in my aMTB. Be sure to get enough speed!

There are several ways down, but only two trails I have ridden: Otter and Berm Trail. Otter is a little less gnarly. I recommend starting there. It starts back down the hill from from the concrete platform to the right. I choose to ride around the jumps if possible. Some of them you have to roll though. If I go too slow i high center and hit my center chain tensioner. Make sure you have a little bit of speed, but i would advise against jumping. Trails are tight for aMTB. If you ride and Explorer, be sure to carry zip ties just in case you do high center and catch that center chain tensioner.

At the bottom, you’ll catch the same climb trail again.

From the top, Berm Trail starts off the right this time. Be ready. Its pretty gnarly, but an absolute blast. Some of the turns get tight and cambered and I crashed once. Scope it. Lap it. Own it!

At the bottom you’ll catch Ted Williams Easy Climb up. If you head up for more laps, finishing with Otter puts you back at the car.

The Trails

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Trail Videos & Photos

First run ever on Otter

Rock garden on Berm Trail

Baby heads on Otter