Mammoth Bike Park

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Rating: Multiple Ratings (see trails below)


Mammoth Bike Park is a challenge for adaptive riders but there some trails that totally work and it is important to know which ones they are. Knowing where you can go will change your entire experience.


Staging depends on where you are riding and what time of year it is. During the season, I recommend staging from Main Lodge because there is more parking and the bathrooms are easier to access. The bathrooms at the Village require taking an elevator. Plus you have the option to stop at Main instead of needing to ride all the way back to the Village on your last run. Downside is that you need to time your last run to be able to catch the shuttle back up, unless you want to climb Uptown, which is actually a nice ride. Early season, when just the lower mountain is open, I recommend parking at Canyon Lodge and climbing the Chair 7 fire road to access the small handful of trails open that time of year.

aMTB1 Trails

No Obstacles Exist - No Support Rider Needed

Beach Cruiser (aMTB1) - This is one of my favorite trails on the mountain. Fun and flowy. Highly recommended. Mountain View is a better option for the first section. It is actually a loop with a climb and a downhill section. For climbing, i prefer to forgo the trail and climb the fire road so i can crank with two hands and get a better workout. VIDEO: Beach Cruiser 360 & Mountain View to Beach Cruiser 360

Downtown (aMTB1) - No problem at all. You can ride this trail confidently on your own. Fun if you can crank up the power assist and treat it like a flow trail. Exercise caution with other riders. Lots of families. I like to climb Uptown and DH Downtown after hours when there are no people. VIDEO: Downtown from Chair 4 UNCUT

Gopher Trail (2-way) (aMTB1) - Mellow XC trail used to access Big Ring and Paper Route from Downtown. Only reason to use it is if Paper Route is not open yet due to snow.

Jill's Jumps (aMTB1) - Jump Line. Everything is rollable.

Kamikaze Lower (aMTB1) - From hay bale turn down. Wide open flat fire road with a pedal section. If you want more fun take White Bark (which used to be called Lower Shock Treatment) and Lower Richter. Both are aMTB2 though. VIDEO: Kamikaze 360

Kamikaze Upper (aMTB1) - From top to hay bale turn. Fast loose fire road with a drop off. Experts only. Beginners take Off the Top, but beware that Off the Top is aMTB2 until some trail work can be done. VIDEO: Kamikaze 360

Lincoln Express (2-way) (aMTB1) - Its been a long time but mostly sure this is all aMTB1. Lots of pedaling. Did not ride all the way to Breakthrough, only to Follow Me junction.

Lower Twilight Zone (aMTB1) - Wide open jump line. Access from Uptown or fire road. Access from Twilight Zone 2nd Half is not advised. Ends at Chair 2 parking lot.

Mountain View (aMTB1) - Right at the beginning there is a very slight off camber rock situation but 95% of adaptive riders will be fine. I highly recommend this trail. Its wide open and flowy. I prefer this trail over the beginning of Beach Cruiser. VIDEO: Mountain View to Beach Cruiser 360

Paper Route (2-way) (aMTB1) - Some of the ski run crossings can get washed out so be aware, but last time i rode this it was completely fine. I have never ridden past Timber Ridge, nor have I ridden Juniper, which is the only trail out if you don’t take Timber Ridge. Probably best and most fun to link up to Timber Ridge.

Pipeline (aMTB1) - This is a jump line, but its wide open and everything is rollable. Access from Paper Route or Breakthrough. Remember: Blue ramp means rollable and black ramp means jump. Link to Shotgun or Smooth Operator, but beware both are aMTB2. VIDEO: Lower Pipeline UNCUT

Richter Lower (aMTB1) - Advanced riders only. Keep your speed up for the entry. Everything is rollable. Steep long bridge at end. VIDEO: Lower Richter 360

Roma's Road (aMTB1) - Loose rocky fire road. Only access is from Skid Marks (aMTB3). You will use this if you are accessing Bullet, Follow me or Flow from Skid Marks.

Techno Rock Lower (aMTB1) - From Velocity junction down. The deck jump can propose a potential dilemma, but you can go around it. Link up from Velocity, Recoil or Midtown.

Timber Ridge (aMTB1) - Provides a semi DH end to a mostly XC ride from Paper Route. There is one little tricky creek crossing and quick steep up to the paved pathway, but most aMTB riders should be fine.

aMTB2 Trails

Some Obstacles Exist - Support Rider Recommended

Big Ring (2-way) (aMTB2) - This trail is pretty close to aMTB1 and 90% of adaptive riders will be fine, but there are two or three narrow sections that could present an issue. Beware uphill traffic. Good trail for the family, BUT Shotgun is WAY more fun.

Bullet DH (upper) (aMTB2) - From the trail head to the House Jump. It has been a couple years since i have ridden this, but i did ride it solo a few times. Definitely skip the main rock garden at the beginning. Access via the fire road from McCoy Station. Access from upper Skid Marks is do-able but aMTB3 and a lot of work. Bring a buddy first time.

Bullet DH (lower) (aMTB2) - From the House Jump down. Most riders will be fine on this. All the drops can be ridden around and all the jumps are rollable. Scope everything first before sending it. Avoid the Pro Line. its do-able but sucks and the main line is better. Just before the end there is a rock garden that can pose a potential dilemma. Bring a buddy to scope it first. VIDEO: Lower Bullet UNCUT & HIGHLIGHTS Lower Bullet

Flow (aMTB2) - I rode this trail solo a couple years ago. It has some very gnarly stuff, but everything is rollable. Home of the famous Flow Drop, which has a ride around. Access from Upper Bullet and Breakthrough. Link up to Shotgun or Smooth Operator.

Midtown Upper (aMTB2) - I’ve only ridden the upper part of this trail, which most adaptive riders will be fine on BUT the turns are very tight and off-camber. I had to use my rear brake and throw my weight inside to slide my rear wheel around in order to make the turns. Some turns could propose a dilemma. VIDEO: Upper Midtown 360

Off the Top (aMTB2) - This is the family trail from the top of the mountain and I have ridden it solo several times, but there are about four or five potential dilemmas for adaptive riders. The rocks at the very beginning can be a little tricky. The trail crew is working on these issues, but for now bring a support rider. Its a long trail so bring water and nutrition. Link up with Mountain View and Beach Cruiser at the bottom or, for advanced riders, link up to Lower Kamikaze to White Bark and Lower Richter for some rowdy fun. VIDEO: UNP11 Smell the Flowers

Skid Marks Lower (aMTB2) - From Skid Marks Upper & Lincoln Express junction down. Needed a spot in just a couple spots. Hopefully trail crew will work on it in2020 when there is less snow and a longer bike season. Did not ride from Lincoln Express junction down. Most likely more of the same. Access from Upper Skid Marks is aMTB3 and a lot of work.

Shotgun (aMTB2) - I hate to rate this aMTB2, but there is a critical line choice at one point and a couple tight turns that could pose potential dilemmas, BUT most aMTB riders will be fine. Take a support rider unless you are an advanced rider. Great early season when upper mountain is still closed. VIDEO: Shotgun UNCUT

Smooth Operator (aMTB2) - Very close to being aMTB1, but there is one drop that some aMTBs could high center on and get stuck. Bring support rider first time unless you are an advanced rider. Take the bridge slow. Theres a jump at the end. Remember: Blue ramp means rollable and black ramp means jump. Scope it first. VIDEO: Smooth Operator UNCUT

Twilight Zone 1st Half (aMTB2) - From Velocity Junction to Chain Smoke Junction. Expert riders only. Mostly pavers. Wide open but a couple off camber paver turns and one spot that an aMTB could high center on. Bring support rider the first time unless you are an advanced rider. Lower Twilight not recommended. Take the fire road or link to Chain Smoke but beware. Chain Smoke is aMTB3 and you will definitely need help. VIDEO: Upper Twilight Zone 360

Uptown (aMTB2) - I hate that this has to be aMTB2, but a friend mine got stuck on a narrow, washed away section. Hopefully we can get the trail crew to fix it soon. The last section right before getting to Main Lodge can be a little tricky too. For now, do not ride alone unless you are an advanced rider.

Velocity DH (aMTB2) - I used to ride this solo on my four-wheel DH bike all the time. It was my favorite trail on the mountain, but its been several years. Home of Hilary Step. Curious if i can still do it on my three-wheel bike. There are a few outs on the fire road if you are over it. More info very soon!

White Bark (aMTB2) - Pretty close to being aMTB1 except for a few drops. Don’t let that fool you though. This is an advanced trail. A much more fun alternative to Lower Kamikaze. Bring a support rider the first time, unless you are an advanced rider.

aMTB3 Trails

Major Obstacles Exist - Support Rider Needed

Chain Smoke (aMTB3) - This trail is gnarly and you will definitely need help. Some off camber bridge to rock crawls with major consequences. Full armor recommended. Experts only. Hopefully you like pavers.

Richter Upper (aMTB3) - Bridge at end is too narrow. Not suitable for aMTB. Changes coming soon.

Shock Treatment (aMTB3) - I used to ride this trail solo with my four-wheel DH bike, but it has changed. Big drops. Very gnarly. Will need help for sure.

Skid Marks Upper (aMTB3) - From the top to Skid Marks Lower & Lincoln Express junction. This trail crosses a major pumice field and you will need a spot for a very long stretch. The problem is that your spotter will have trouble with footing, given that everything is deep pumice. This makes it very sketchy. Only do this trail if you are in for an adventure and have a strong, willing support rider. Expert riders only. The switchbacks are tight and rocky. I need to hit the rear brake and throw my weight inside to swing my rear wheel around in order to make the turns.

Twilight Zone 2nd Half (aMTB3) - Home of the Deep End, a Nascar style wall turn. The entry is narrow and, when i rode this once a long time ago on my four-wheel DH bike, my upper wheels got caught on the top, stopping me, causing a major fall. If you are going to ride this, I highly recommend scoping it first. That is not what makes it aMTB3 though. The cut across trail on the way out is narrow and off-camber. Support rider will need to spot you. A lot of work and probably best to avoid.

Trails Not Suitable for aMTB

Techno Rock Upper (no rating) - Not suitable for aMTB. Major rock drop. DO NOT ATTEMPT

Velociraptor (no rating) - HELL NO!!! Not suitable for aMTB. Major pro-line. The gnarliest trial on the mountain. You will die.

Trail I Have Not ridden (no rating)

Adventure Trail - This is the kiddie trail with small beginner features. Probably very short. Don’t know if its worth it.

Bearing Straights (2-way) - Pretty sure its not suitable for aMTB. Narrow camber exposed cross hill, mainly for climbing.

Boomerang - More info soon.

Brake Through (2-way) - Have only ridden short parts of this trail to link up with Bullet and Flow. It is long and has several sections that vary greatly. Some are good and some are not. I know for sure there are some pinch points on the upper section before it drops down. From the gondola, the very upper section that cuts across the mountain, looks pretty sketchy for adaptive. Probably best to avoid. More info soon.

Bridge the Gap (2-way) (no rating) - Have never ridden this trail. Mostly for climbing. More info soon.

DC-10 - More info soon.

Discovery Trail - Its green so assuming its aMTB1 but cant say for sure. Beach cruiser probably more fun anyway.

Discotech - More info soon.

Explorer Trail - More info soon. Kamikaze to Lower Richter probably way more fun anyway.

Follow Me - I have only ridden the very last section from the Lincoln Express junction down. I rode it with a buddy and he did not need to touch me, BUT it is very rowdy. More info soon.

Gravy Train (2-way) - Have been told its not suitable for aMTB. Take Kamikaze or Off the Top.

Juniper - More info soon.

Lakes Trail - This is the trail you would take to access Mammoth Rock Trail (non bike park - aMTB3). Most likely aMTB1. Timber Ridge is probably more fun if you are headed back to the Village.

Manzanita - Pretty sure i rode this trail several years ago and needed a hand on a couple spots but it was so long ago i just cant remember for sure. More info soon.

Midtown Lower - I’ve only ridden the upper part of this trail and not sure about the lower. Its most likely fine but not sure. More info soon.

Ricochet - More info soon.

Seven Bridges - More info soon.

Toll Road - Says Pro Line so most likely a no go. More info soon.

Up & Over (2-way) - More info soon.

Favorite Routes

Early Season Workout - Climb Uptown and DH Shotgun, Smooth Operator or Lower Bullet

Early Season DH - Climb Chair 7 Fire Road and lap Lower Bullet

Mega Lap - Off the Top to Mountain View to Beach Cruiser to Downtown to Juniper to Pipeline to Shotgun

Kamikaze - Off the Top to Kamikaze to White Bark to Richter Lower

Midtown - Midtown to Velocity

Velocity - Lap Velocity

Canyon DH - McCoy Station Fire Road to Bullet or Follow me

Flow - McCoy Station Fire Road to Bullet to Breakthrough to Flow

Skid Marks Adventure - Access Canyon DH and Flow routes above from Skid Marks Upper, but bring a support rider