Fort Ord National Monument

Monterey, CA

Rating: aMTB1 - No Obstacles Exist - No Support Rider needed


I have only ridden here while attending the Sea Otter Classic and am not sure where to stage from other than a campsite at the Laguna Seca Raceway, as a part of the event. TrailForks offers a couple parking suggestions. Not sure if there are facilities or not.


This area is not the most exciting riding, but it is very scenic and reliant on fire roads, which are closed to motorized traffic and great for adaptive riders. I rode three trails and all are aMTB1. If accessing from the Laguna Seca Raceway, there is a gate that is sometimes closed. Consult TrailForks POIs.


Fire Roads (aMTB1) - This area is mostly fire roads and all seem to be adaptive friendly. If accessing from Sea Otter, there is a gate that is sometimes closed. Consult TrailForks POIs.

Trail 49 (aMTB1) - This is trail is normally ridden uphill. The overgrowth makes it look narrow, but the impact is plenty wide.

Trail 50 (aMTB1) - Part of the Sea Otter Enduro course. Super fun DH. Watch out for uphill XC traffic.

Trail 82 (aMTB1) - Also part of the Sea Otter Enduro course and fun DH. Pedal section in the beginning and then it drops down. Slightly tight after it cuts back across the hill, but most adaptive riders should be absolutely fine. Be ready for a long fire road climb back out.