June Lake Fire Roads

June Lake, CA

Rating: aMTB1


June Lake is beautiful and a great destination, but mountain biking is very limited in the area. I attempted the June Lake Loop Trail, which links to the Yost Trail, from the east trailhead and was turned around. There are endless fire roads, which offer a great opportunity to earn your beers at June Lake Brewery, but fat tires and a power assist are highly recommended. Lots of deep, soft sand. There is one extremely steep hill in the area, which is fun to go down but is an aMTB-3 (support rider needed) to go up (see Route & Videos below). I have been advised of some trails in the area and will be adding more information soon.


You can really stage from anywhere. The area is littered with fire roads. See map for the staging area we chose. If you need facilities, the lake parking lot is paved and has running water bathrooms. Riding from the lake just means a little road time and extends the ride about three miles round trip.

The Route

This is the route we did. The little tail at the end, above Grant Lake, is the steep hill that i do not recommend riding up. I would continue north instead to Aeolian Buttes Rd, come south along that ridge above Grant lake and then ride DOWN that hill. More info soon.