Encinitas Ranch Loop



There are several trailheads, but I prefer to park at the end of Rosebay Drive. There are no facilities, but parking is flat and paved, while the trail head is easily accessible. See map.


Encinitas has some really cool community pathways that make for a fun ride. They boast some incredible easterly and ocean views. While most of this loop is wide open and easy, there unfortunately is a significant amount of road time. Exercise caution. Wear a helmet and observe traffic laws. Be sure to consult the POIs because there are a couple problem spots (see below). The route takes you onto a golf course in order to access a pedestrian bridge that otherwise only has stair access, through a steep rutted section where adaptive riders might need a spot and onto a brief section of private property.

Dilemma 1: The Leucadia Pedestrian Bridge must be accessed by ADA Bridge Access via Golf Course

Dilemma 2: Swallowtail Trail (aMTB2) gets steep and rutted. It dead ends at a fence which marks private property and the ride-around is now blocked with cactus. To continue along the route you can bush whack downhill through the brush, but this is dangerous, trespassing and ill-advised. If you are uncomfortable with this, turning around before the steep rutted section is advised.

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The Route

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