Glorieta Camps

Santa Fe, NM


Trailforks indicates that most people park off the highway exit, but we parked in a grass and gravel campground on campus which you need permission to access. There are no facilities.

The Trails

Chili Dog - Not passable for aMTB

Glorieta Canyon (aMTB1) - Basically flat fire road at the end of Holé Molé

Green Trail Loop (aMTB1) - At first i rated this trail as aMTB2 because there are a few tight berms at the end and some singletrack, but most adaptive riders will be completely fine.

Holé Molé (aMTB3) - This is an experts only DH trail. There is a very precarious rock garden, a few tight steep berms and some off-camber.

Look Out (aMTB1) - This is a DH trail with features. There are two sections: the climb and the DH. On the climb, there are a couple spots that could potentially be issues but most adaptive riders will be fine. On the DH, take the right fork for the rock garden. The left is off-camber.

Lower Snack Pack (aMTB3) - Some tight trees and off-camber

Snack Pack - Not passable for aMTB

The Climb (aMTB1) - Long steep wide open fire road used to access Chili Dog, Holé Molé and Snack Pack. Make sure you have plenty of water and your battery is charged if you have a power assist