Bell Rock Trail is a tourist hiking path so please employ extreme courtesy with all foot traffic. The main trail will not be much of a challenge, but is actually pretty fun in spots. For me, i like to mix things up with wide open terrain for cranking with both hands and getting my heart rate up and with technical single track for being challenged. This area provides just that. If you want to ride solo, stick to the main path. If you have support and want to get rowdy, there is plenty of that on that off-shoots. The views are petty sweet too!


There are three parking lots. One at the south trailhead, one in the middle and one at the north trailhead. All are flat and paved with porta pottie style bathrooms. The recommended route below uses the south trailhead so here is a map to that parking lot.


  • Bell Rock Path (aMTB1) - Be courteous to foot traffic. There are some fun ledgy sections and the ride back can be flowy if you are able to carry speed. No dilemmas.

  • Llama (aMTB3) - This trail is technical, challenging and fun with some serious rocky ledgy climbs. You will most likely need help. Advanced riders can possibly do most of the trail solo, but one major dilemma is a creek bed with a narrow off-camber ledge and a drop off. I rode the trail south to north. I’ve been told going north to south is better.

  • Little Horse (not yet rated) - I haven’t ridden this trail yet but have included it because a short section of it is part of the recommended route below. More info soon.

  • Bail (aMTB1) - You can bail if you need to. No dilemmas on this trail.

  • Phone (aMTB2) - Fun alternative on the way back if you have ride support. I rode this trail solo once and needed help in one spot, BUT can’t remember if it was this trail or Bell Rock Singletrack Bypass. I’ll clarify on next trip.

  • Bell Rock Singletrack Bypass (aMTB3) - Phone and this trail are way more fun than the main path and i highly recommend taking them on your way back. There is one dilemma and i’m pretty sure its on this trail, but not 100% sure if this trail or Phone.

  • Big Park Loop (aMTB2) - If you want to add a little more at the end, this trail is worth it. It is narrow in some spots. Beware of cactus. I’ve been told that the full loop is too narrow, so take the second right onto Big Park Cut. I rode this and its perfectly fine.

  • Big Park Cut (aMTB1) - From what i remember, this trail is all good. No dilemmas.

Recommended Route

Bell Rock aMTB3 Loop on